Distance Learning World University Rankings

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e-Uniguide™ Ranking Methodology Explained

RankEducational InstitutionFees BandDegree DiversityInstitution PopularityRank Score
201St Mary's University College, Twickenham1-Very Low1204654060380
202Schiller International University5-Very High7804944660326
203Durham University5-Very High3454994060307
204Interior Design Academy of Ireland1-Very Low154566860276
205edistance Learning1-Very Low504614560265
206Teacher Education University2-Low5404686560205
207University of Management and Technology3-Medium15254750760132
208Jacksonville University4-High1604933460114
209University of Bradford4-High604978860048
210Pacific States University3-Medium604835759967
211Brookline College4-High3954895959854
212Huntington College of Health Sciences2-Low2104628659846
213Atlantic University2-Low604723259792
214Blackstone Career Institute1-Very Low1504560459754
215University of Philosophical Research2-Low1204635959679
216City Vision College1-Very Low1004606759667
217McKinley College (A Division of Weston Distance Learning, Inc.)1-Very Low2204548959459
218INSTE Bible College1-Very Low804474259342
219University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences4-High4604956259312
220Virginia College5-Very High8804951359233
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