Distance Learning World University Rankings

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e-Uniguide™ Ranking Methodology Explained

RankEducational InstitutionFees BandDegree DiversityInstitution PopularityRank Score
21Colorado Technical University Online3-Medium54004988867238
22University of Ulster1-Very Low37254983067169
23Ashworth College1-Very Low24454985366468
24School of Oriental and African Studies (University of London)1-Very Low20604987666448
25Western Governors University2-Low37304996966299
26Robert Gordon University1-Very Low27004981866282
27Akamai University2-Low51804778765967
28Ashford University4-High51604996465924
29London School of Economics and Political Science (University of London)1-Very Low14104997765899
30RDI1-Very Low18904982665786
31Birkbeck, University of London1-Very Low13504989965761
32Baker College2-Low31954986565760
33Middlesex University1-Very Low22054987165684
34Queen Mary, University of London1-Very Low11404993765589
35University of Liverpool2-Low23804994065542
36University of Salford2-Low28054988465485
37Columbia Southern University2-Low24854979365278
38Athabasca University3-Medium39504991065253
39University of Sheffield2-Low20204992365226
40University of the West of Scotland1-Very Low14904971965000
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