Distance Learning World University Rankings

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RankEducational InstitutionFees BandDegree DiversityInstitution PopularityRank Score
41Cambridge International College1-Very Low19304825464934
42London School Of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, Univesrity of London1-Very Low5954979964906
44University College London (University of London)1-Very Low3804998364875
45Thomas Edison State College4-High40354987364838
46Royal Holloway, University of London1-Very Low5854972764824
47University of Nottingham2-Low15304995564821
48University of Northampton1-Very Low15404971464814
49De Montfort University1-Very Low14654983764809
50University of Derby1-Very Low11304982064670
51University of Atlanta1-Very Low26154810264667
52Curtin University2-Low15454986064629
53University of Manchester3-Medium23654996864613
54Aberystwyth University2-Low18154983064545
55University of York1-Very Low9804992264524
56Goldsmiths, University of London1-Very Low1804983164523
57University of Buffalo, State University of New York1-Very Low704997864518
58Anglia Ruskin University1-Very Low10504986764517
59Staffordshire University1-Very Low32554985264507
60Home Learning College1-Very Low1304972764506
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